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In order to guarantee the sensitivity and reliability of HPLC, the choice of solvents is of vital importance. Any contamination present in the solvent or sample not only damages the accuracy of the chromatograph, but also shortens the column life and reliability.

Honil solvents are manufactured from very fine raw materials and are purified on several stages with extreme care, to make sure that all impurities are eliminated. This, coupled with rigid quality control procedures, makes Honil solvents stable, ultra pure and extremely reliable solvents.

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Home Up Acenitr. Far UV Acetone Butan-1-ol Chlorobutane Chloroform Cyclohexane Dichlomethane Dimethylformamide DMSO Ethylacetate Heptane Frac. Hexane 95% Hexane 99% Pet. Ether 60 Propan-1-ol Propan-2-ol Toluene THF Pet. Ether. 40 Pentane 95% Methanol Heptane 99.5% Heptane 95% Dioxan Dimethylacetamide Diethylether Diethylamine Dichloroethane Butyl Acetate Benzene Acetonitrile

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