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Honimag tablets are formulated with utmost care to provide Magnesium, an essential element in the fight against aging, together with a selection of vitamins and minerals. Honimag contains the following essential ingredients, in mg/tab:

Magnesium Oxide  240.7mg, Zinc Gluconate  58.0mg, Pyridoxine Hydrochloride 66.8mg, Riboflavine 5.5mg, Copper Gluconate  7.15mg, Manganese Gluconate 16.2mg, Chromium Oratate  0.3mg, Potassium Gluconate  48.1mg, Thiamine HCl  7.0mg, Ascorbic Acid  33.0mg, Vitamin E   11.0mg, Vitamin E3  1.2mg, Selenium Yeast  23.8mg.