Our Natural Appetite Suppressant APPLE-LITE has been medically tested and evaluated by doctors in the USA, Switzerland, Austria, Germant, Japan, Hungary and Egypt. The following information highlights some of their findings and conclusions, which were also presented as part of the agenda at Public District Health Conferences in Austria in 1986.

Few years ago, investigations were carried out into the medical effects of certain apple extracts, established by the respected botanist Richard Willfort, which describe health improvements in the case of constipation, rheumatic complaints, nervous disorders and nicotine addiction. At the same time, aspects of interest to the overweight came to light. Through the elimination of intestinal toxins, not only is the entire organism cleansed, but there appeared to be an extremely positive effect. Special apple extracts successfully enhanced the lipolytic process, or breakdown of fats, to such a degree, that a rapid weight loss ensues.

Helmut P. from Polten, head of an international dietary organisation, says: " I have not only followed the work on the specific applications of apple extract combinations with interest, but have also tested them, with the astounding result of losing 12kg. In addition to thorough cleansing and elimination of toxins from my system, I have also noted other positive health effects.

Dr. Sandor Biro, from Hungary, also came to similar conclusions. In a similar publication he wrote, among other things:

" The 100% natural apple extracts by the name Apple-Lite remove the waste products, absorb toxic residues from the intestine and produce a definite feeling of fullness, so that one does not have to go without one's favourite food and yet one takes in fewer unwanted calories."

" With the Apple-Lite diet, our patients have lost an average of 2kg a week, that is, 8-10% of their original body weight in a month and have thereafter easily maintained their new weight."

The above findings coincide with the observations of the botanist Richard Willfort, who has established all these effects in his book " Health Through Medicinal Herbs".



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